Friday, 10 June 2011

rest of the report

Now i have the copy for the report i can carry on with it.
I wanted the main body of type for the report to be quite standard, and sticks to a strict grid system as it will just be typography.

I used a six column grid system, but to create a more dynamic look i didn't use all the columns. I wanted it to be asymmetric to make it look more interesting.

I used the black borders so the type didn't look as though it was floating.
I still wanted to keep the same styling from the previous pages, so used the type and colours to keep consistency.

Eventhough there is a lot of type on these two pages, it works because of the grid system.
The mix of type just makes it look a little bit more interesting, with the different colours typefaces and point sizes.

These are the rest of the pages, keeping the layout with the black borders to keep consistency, and using the same orange and blue type for the type that needs to stand out.
I also used the dotted lines from the logo, to reinforce the brand.

Mock ups of this will be in my development folder.

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