Tuesday, 17 May 2011

adding typography

Now i had an idea to how my poster was going to look i decided to play around with some type of the poster and this is what i came up with.

I tried it with a different image to see wether it would be appropriate on all the images used.

Getting the type to work on the poster wasn't hard, i wanted it to be the same typeface used on the mouth covering, this is to keep consistency.
I also used the Silent Cities colours so it looked as though it belonged to the company.

To make the type at the bottom more visible i used white for contrast on the dark background and used the orange border used in the logo. I did this to again keep consistency, but to also stop the type look as though it is floating.

My other idea was to have the orange border around the mouth covering:

As i found it hard to choose which poster looked the best, i gave justine an email to get her thoughts and views on them both. She liked the orange around the mouth covering, she thought it was very strong, I however like the look of them both. I suppose its down to my personal opinion, but i will ask fellow students their opinions also.

This may not be the final layout, adjustments may be made if needed, i.e the typography at the bottom may need enlarging. I will sort this when i have done some trial print outs.

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