Wednesday, 11 May 2011

slogan ideas

I need a slogan for the promotion, i want it to link in with the image so it needs to be something to do with silence and/or voices that can't or aren't be heard. So that it also links in with Silent Cities as a company.

I found this image which i think will be helpful when thinking of a slogan:

But instead of the word 'visible' link it with sound, so something like heard or understood. As i can't use the same slogan.

MAKE THE HIDDEN HEARD- which i think would work really well as it links with the person being hidden because they don't have a voice, therefore they can't be heard.

Also hidden because the QR code hides it until it is scanned.
I don't know wether i will be able to get away with this because it's a bit to close to Nike's slogan, so i will think about other possible slogans.


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