Monday, 9 May 2011

Looking Deeper

As i was still unclear about what Silent Cities was about, i decided to check out their website to get some insight into the company. This is what i found:

What i understand from this is that Silent Cities help people in silent communities i.e homelessness, sex working, mental ill-health, disability, addiction etc through the means of creativity. 

Their aim:
There are many silent voices in society – isolated, demonised or unheard. Silent Cities is a new social enterprise which aims to build creative environments where silent voices can flourish.

The types of activity include:
1. Empowering communities through:
  • Digital media projects  – eg DIY Community films, the Silent Sheffield radio show, silent bloggers
  • Creative volunteering opportunities
  • Training and development in digital media to empower disadvantaged communities, including workshops, intergenerational mentoring schemes and creative apprenticeships
  • Premises – affordable supportive work-based environments for emerging social entrepreneurs and creative sole traders – ‘Place at my table’.
2. Creative services for the third sector:
Provided by professionals supported by creative volunteers and silent apprentices.
  • Workshops – vision and values, customer segmentation, making your values visible, thinking creatively, board away days.
  • Branding and marketing materials
  • Websites
3. Creative Consultation
Innovative methods of public consultation for agencies city-wide.

By looking at this website has given me a heads up on what they do as a company and what they want to achieve from the Silent Cities Program.
What i understand is that Silent Cities help show people of the Silent communities their own potential, but to also to give a voice, informal learning and employment opportunities to disadvantaged communities.

Now i understand what the company are about i feel a bit more relaxed and confident about the overall promotion of the company.

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