Tuesday, 10 May 2011

similar charity promotion

I haven't got any ideas in how i could promote Silent Cities at this stage so wanted to look at how other charities that help similar people promote themselves.

I wanted to focus on the charities that are linked with people who can't express how they feel or have their say, because i would like to incorporate the 'Silent' issue within my promotion.
Therefore i looked at poster campaigns for the abuse, i.e The NSPCC/ChildLine.

Even though i'm looking at just one particular type of area that Silent Cities help with i feel it's more appropriate for the time being. If none of these campaigns trigger an idea i will look into other campaigns.

These posters show a variety of ways of how to show silence but link it in with the type of abuse the person is suffering from. i.e The domestic abuse poster may look like the simple way of showing silence, by covering the mouth with a hand but looking deeper into it the hand has more meaning. As domestic abuse is often linked with punching and hitting.

I also think the poster with the little boy works really well with the computer hand. The hand represents the 'sshhhh' noise when told to be quiet, but also the link with online abuse. Very simple, but an effective way of getting the message across.

Out of all the NSPCC posters this has to be my favourite one, purely for the fact of the how simple the creative thinking is that has gone into it. But it works really well. I love how the mouth has been ripped from the picture to portray he can't talk or doesn't have a voice. I will consider things like this for my own promotion as it's simple but quirky and the same time, while getting the message across really clear.

Again this is another poster for people with hidden voices, this time however it's for the homeless. The message is saying the homeless are like ghosts because no one can see them and therefore their voices can't be heard.

There are some really good campaigns here that i will be taking into account when it comes to my own promotion. However i want to look into the more quirky ways of promotion as i don't want my promotion to be just a poster campaign etc, as i want variety in my portfolio.

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