Thursday, 19 May 2011

ideas for annual report

I wanted the annual report to reflect the posters to keep consistency. So decided to keep the same brand colours and black and white photos throughout the whole annual report.

This is the first layout for the front and back cover, i used the same styling as the posters using the black mouth covering, filled this with the logo and annual report 2011. I think it still gets the message across well. 
I used orange for the background colour to add more interest to the brochure, it's the same orange as the brand colours. I also extended the black box across the back of the brochure, to show a bit of contrast and i took inspiration from the BP annual report.

This is the first double page spread of the annual report, i wanted to make a statement of the aims of the company, just to set the tone for the rest of the report, Again i kept the same styling from the posters, just added one extra colour. I used blue as it's opposite on the colour wheel from orange so it has a nice contrast.
I have also made a statement of the dotted lines to isolate the typography, i want to make a feature of the dotted lines as i feel they work well with the photography used.
I used orange on typography to create hierarchy and to make the more important information stand out more. I made the type in blue bigger to make it look more interesting.

This is the layout for a success story of the report, I like the page with the grey brick wall it still fits in well with the overall look of the posters used and the front cover. However i'm not too sure about the other page, i like the colours and the brick wall coming through the blue background. but not the layout and the image used.

I will try another layout with another layout, making the quote more prominent.

I got some inspiration from books on brochures and annual reports for the typography.
I made it the story of the girl on the previous page, as i didn't want an image on it because i felt it added cluttered that wasn't necessary.

I think it works well with just a page full of type as it adds contrast to the other page because its image. My idea for the next success stories to just have a full page image of the person in black and white and the other page being the success story. 

I only did the first success story like this because i used an image on the previous page, but i still think it works well.


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