Tuesday, 10 May 2011

advertising vs promotion

When looking for clever ways of promotion to get ideas, everything shown seemed to be advertising and i was getting a little confused between the two. So i decided to look at the definitions of both:

So basically promotion is just short term, therefore i need to do something that will get people interested straight away. As there are no boundaries to what sort of promotion it could be i would really like to mix some aspect used typically for advertising, i.e Tv adverts/video, as i feel it would be a challenge and a lot different to what i've done before.

I feel if i did a video/advert etc, it would fit into what Silent Cities do as a company. As one of their activities to help the silent community is arranging Digital media projects  – eg DIY Community films, the Silent Sheffield radio show, silent bloggers.

It would be nice to reflect this within the promotion if possible. If not i'm sure i will think of other suitable ways.

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