Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mental Block

After all that i found myself at a dead end, slightly panicking about the whole brief and thought about changing my mind until i got talking to a friend.

It was really random how i got this idea, but i feel it could work.

What lead me onto it was a chat with a friend, as i have just recently got a new phone i wasn't sure about all the apps pre loaded onto it. As they have the same phone they were going through it with me and thats when we came across QRdroid.

Which is a scanner for the QR codes found out and about, i didn't have a clue about them so googled what they were.

I've always wondered what they were, but never knew the correct name for them or what they did. After doing a bit of research on them i found out they could do many different things. i.e. include text, links to images, websites, videos, contact details and many other options.

After a long think i decided this could be the way forward for my promotion, it nothing like i've done before and by using it still gives me lots of options of how to promote Silent Cities, because i still have a choice of what the QR code could link to.

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