Thursday, 12 May 2011

further ideas

After running this idea past my tutor, i decided not to use the QR code as it would only aim the charity at one target audience-  students that know about technology, anyone else may not know what it is. Plus students are less likely to be interested in charities anyway as they are usually pretty skint.

Time for a re- think.

I looked back over the research and i really liked the NSPCC idea of ripping the area of the mouth away, i had thought of this idea originally then found it on the net, but i my still do it depending on what else i can think off.

Below shows an example of how it may look

I don't think it looks too bad, obviously when it has all the relevant type on it and is actually ripped it may add to the effect a lot more.

Or i was thinking about doing a censor type strip that goes across the mouth, black box type of thing what is commonly used.

Out of the two images i prefer this one, i'm not sure wether it's because it looks better because the other one is a mock up. I think it's because it's black and the photo is black and white. so the colours fit nicely into it. It's simple but gets the message across, however i don't know wether it's been done too many times before. I just really like the visual look of it.

I thought i'd try it with the rip just to see what it looks like and now i can't decide between the two of them.

They both send out the same message but in a slightly different way. i may have to consult a few people to see their views on it.

Before i asked though i just wanted to try something out with the black rectangle over her mouth, just to see what it would look like.

I used the original slogan of make the hidden heard, which also works well as the lips are hidden. i have also used the orange from the Silent Cities logo for the type to keep consistency. I don't mind how this look, by adding the typography enforces what the poster is trying to say.

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