Wednesday, 18 May 2011

annual report design

I needed some inspiration when it comes to the annual report, because they are generally quite boring. So i decided to look on the internet to see whether i could find any decent ones.

This is annual report for BP, this is the least interesting one i could find. It is still quite nice looking though, as it has a lot of white space considering the amount of typography used.
I really like how the company colours are used throughout the brochure, it reinforces the brand. But it just common sense to use them.

I really like the design on the front cover, how it overlaps both pages, i may have to consider this for my own. I also like the black and white photography with the use of colour from the logo, this is something else i will consider because i will be using black and white photograpy in my own designs.

This is the annual report for Helly Hansen, again the annual report reflects the company really well, as they specialise in outdoor gear. I really like the front cover made from wood, gives it a really handmade feel.

The colours used throughout are kept to earthy colours to reinforce the overall brand. Again there is nice structure of typography and heirachy. It looks very sleek but does well portraying the company.

 This is Billabongs annual report, it is really vibrant and has a lot going on within the brochure. However i really like it, it just shows me i can make the annual report anything i want it to be.

I don't feel as restricted now looking at all these the Billabong one has really opened my eyes to how it can look. Even the finanicial overview still has the design feel and looks as though it belongs with the rest of the report.  It carries nice structure and a grid system.

Now come the design layouts.

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