Tuesday, 10 May 2011

first ideas

Still keeping along the lines of people being silent, my first initial thought was to show someone with duct tape across their mouth, then have type underneath it.

This would be ok to use but there is nothing exciting about it. It would just be another boring
 poster. As i kept my search going i found an image of a mouth as a zip.

At least this has a bit more something going for it, this image gave me the idea of some sort of direct mail, where the mouth is zipped up and you'd somehow unzip it to reveal what the person would be saying. However i wasn't too sure how i would actually make that so gave up on that idea.

The final image i came across was this one, this has to be the one that triggered my idea to expand further.

Again going back to the duct tape idea, this instantly gave me the idea of placing the QR code on top of the duct tape, so when scanned, type will pop up on the phone showing what the person is saying.
Doing it this way keeps it silent but makes the audience interact will the image, which i feel just adds something extra. I really the idea of this and it has definitely made my idea clear in my head, so i will be sticking with it.

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