Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Thinking over the idea i suddenly got 'the lightbulb above my head'.

Looking back through what a QR code could do, the text coming up on the phone seemed really dull. That's when i say the video option that i had forgotten about previously and thought about having the same duct tape across the mouth with the QR code on top but instead...

Have a link to a youtube video of that person's mouth,( that will be placed over the image of the duct tape) talking about how Silent Cities has helped them. This will them make the image look as though it's talking for real, almost life like.

I really hope i can pull this off, it's not so much the making of the QR code because i've had a practice and it's really easy. It's the fact of how it's going to look. 
Fingers crossed i can pull this off.

This will be either the same size or a bit smaller than A4, which will include the image of a person, the Silent Cities logo and a catchy slogan ( that i have yet to think of ). Which will be handed out in public, it could also be used on other media such as billboards/adshels, its a possibility if i have the time.

Below is a quick mock up of how i see my idea looking, i may develop it further depending on what it will actually look like. I decided to get rid of the duct tape, because it looked slightly tacky, i feel the white space where the phone goes works better than what the duct tape did. So decided to stick with it.
The image will be different obviously, it will be an image of someone that has been helped by Silent Cities. However i like the black and white image as i feel it gives of the right mood for the promotion.

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